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Darren's teaching on team building, general leadership practice and effective communication has been essential in both my church and secular leadership walk. I have bought his teaching into my workplace and I found it to be impactful, timely and has changed the way my team and I function for the better. I highly recommend Darren's team building and leadership series for enhancing and empowering your team and sharpening your leadership skills! (Marie Stewart-Downing)

Darren is a brilliant communicator and is very insightful with what he brings to the business setting. He shares practical and powerful truth that, if put into practice, will transform your life and your business. I would encourage any business small or large to book him and see the transformation that can happen from the strategies he provides. (Charles Scott)

What other have said!.


is not a

Position or Title,

it is

Action and Example

Leadership is the 

Capacity to Translate

Vision into Reality

Often, people mistake being bossy for leadership. This course teaches true leadership. The teaching, while full of content, is taught in an easy-to-understand manner. Not only does this course teach about being a leader, but it also teaches personality types which allow us to understand ourselves and those we have the responsibility of leading as well. I have used the information taught in this course to lead my team more effectively. This teaching has been of great benefit to me and it could be for you as well. (David Plunkett)

I would highly recommend Darren Farmer's training for enlarging your self-employment business with interpersonal skills, and/or increasing your larger corporate team in socioemotional communication skills! He is a keenly skilled speaker, and facilitates the learning of solution-oriented techniques!
On a personal note, coming from the Social Work Field and Stress Reduction Field, I have received years of instruction in Personality Indicators Methods. Darren uses similar techniques, along with others, to help people better communicate within a team as well as use higher levels of self-introspection. Through Darren's training, I have greatly advanced in my ability to understand people and how to better serve them in my business and ministry.is paragraph text. (Lisa Judkins Plunkett)

Group Dynamics.

.Out of the Box

Innovative, creative thinking

Problem Solving

Solution based Thinking

Placing People before Profits

Produces Growth.

More than a Organization

Creating Culture.

Right Person Wrong Position

Reposition, Repurpose = Results  

Time is Running Out

(Time Management).

Can You See It?

Vision, Goals and Aims 

Most People Fail

due to insufficient 

Training and

a lack of Motivation

Inspire your Staff

and Impact your


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